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We Import/Supply and fit German quality uPVC windows and doors. Whether you want to replace old wood or aluminum windows and doors with modern advanced uPVC units or if you need uPVC windows and doors for any new build project we can provide services second to none.

Why You Should use uPVC? (Benefits of uPVC)
Safety and security inbuilt, High Impact resistance, Big energy saving costs, Easy to clean and hygienic, Outside noise reduction, Draft Proof, Dust and dirt Proof, Water Proof in all weathers, No protective painting ever, Excellent electrical insulator, Keeps outside hot air outside , Resists condensation, Durability in all temperatures, Can be used in all climates, Sea salt corrosion resistant, Maintenance free, Glide sytems for easy use, Custom made to all sizes, Solid colours throughout, UV Protected from the sun. windows and doors are ecologically friendly because everything can be recycled.

PVC Windows


PVC Strength


PVC is extensively used for municipal water supply/sewage pipes, spouts, profiles, etc. since its mechanical properties such as tensile strength and tensile modulus are ...


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